Hot Humid Week

Friday, April 20, 2018

It has been really warm and humid these days. Now I really miss the rain. Although some days we had the rain, the temperature was still high.

Anyway, look how wonderful is this inflorescence that had appeared from my Anthurium jenmanii recently. It is so slender and beautiful and I love the reddish maroon colour of the spathe. Oh, the leaves are really thick and green, so lovely :)

A few steps from the anthurium is one of my pink Impatiens walleriana. There were lots of blooms but the bush lack leaves. 

Desert rose was blooming profusely as well. They are marvellous under the intense hot sun. Somebody say, "high five!"

Seeing roses in the garden does bring down the temperature especially in the hot afternoon sun. They just look sweet no matter what colour they are in.

Another sweet rose... mini yellows.

And this one below is a white trailing type of rose.

White plumbago blooms look extraordinary in the morning and the flowers are nectar-rich! Where are the butterflies?

See how outstanding are the white blooms?

Even a tiny flower can be so visible. But this little bloom from this sweet basil has to go (sorry!). I needed more leaves for my pesto.

This yellow yellow dirty fellow from my Monocostus uniflorus came just in time, yay!

The purple blooms of this pot of Tradescantia sillamontana come and go frequently and they are so pretty.

Bright and beautiful little sedums, so cute :)

These guys need a lot of water... this cupful of Alternanthera 'Christmas Tree'...

And this bowl of Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'...

Stay hydrated and keep growing ;)

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  1. I love them all! Especially those with yellow flowers and that cute, little, potted Alternanthera! They are all very beautiful and some of them are just so unique! Thanks for sharing..

    1. The potted Alternanthera looks like a cone of soft-serve ice cream, don't you think so?

  2. Beautiful flowers, all.
    Never seen this type of anthurium before.

    1. This anthurium is cultivated for its attractive foliage.

  3. Hi Steph,
    Just want to share my happiness. Bought already the whie plambago.

    1. HI Normala,

      I am so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your happiness with me <3

  4. Adeniums love summertime they bloom profusely in summer here to bring color to otherwise dull and dry garden,Whats the name of that yellow beauty it look alike Midday flower is it ?

    1. That is Monocostus uniflorus. Its commonly called lemon ginger.

  5. The flowers seem to thrive in the heat and humidity.

  6. So glad that there are indeed flowers for every climate :)

  7. Please any tips on keeping that sedum alive in the tropics!? I've tried a few times and just end up with a rotten mess. The dry season is OK but when the rains starts it's tickets. So sad as they are a lovely chartreuse little mound of light. I saw them growing in Vietnam around a tree as a ground cover in a raised was the dry season so who knows. Maybe Im not getting the right sedum? Honestly they seem to hate the wet humidity for very long.



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